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ISA™_2 Mobile Bluetooth Mouse
Bluetooth enabled • DualEyes™ Double Optical Lens Technology equipped Web Navigation Assistance Button • Rubber Sides Grip • Power saving sleep mode with On/Off switch • Mobile size
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Introducing the OKION's ISA™_2 Mobile Bluetooth(R) Mouse, make the perfect use out of the reliable Bluetooth wireless technology with your laptop or desktop PC! Enjoy the total Bluetooth(R) wireless freedom - simply establishing the wireless connection between the computer and mice (known as Bluetooth(R) pairing) once, and you are all set and ready to use.

With the DualEye(TM) double lens optical sensor technology, it offers the greatest cursor pointing precision not only perfect for your daily computing operation, but also professional enough for serious engineering applications.

The hardware power on/off switch, together with the advanced Power-Saving sleep function, are both equipped to ensure the long battery life usage. Not the mention its compact size and ergonomic design, which are just too ideal for your mobile computing needs.

Features & Advantages

Bluetooth Wireless Freedom with DualEye(TM) double lens sensoring precision

•  Blueooth v2.0 Wireless - Bluetooth v2.0 class 2 offering 10 (m) of wireless operation distance
•  User-friendly and Smart pairing installation
•  Bluetooth wireless with no receiver needed
•  DualEyes(TM) Technology - High performance ‘Double Lens’ with 1200 DPI sensor technology integrated. Enabling accurate and precise mouse tracking virtually on any surface
•  Back/Forward WWW browsing buttons
•  Hardware On/Off switch - Simply turn off while not in use to save battery power
•  Battery Status Indicator - Tell you whenver battery power is low for replacement
•  Ergonomic Comfort and Compact for mobility
•  Support PC and Mac

•  Wireless: Bluetooth v2.0
•  Output Power: Bluetooth Power Class 2
•  Operation Distance: 10 (m)
•  Power: 2 * AAA batteries
•  Channel Frequency: 2.4 ~ 2.4835 (GHz)
•  Dimension: 98 x 60 x 33.5 (mm)
•  Weight: 55 (g) (w/o battery)
Package includes:

•  ISA_2 Mobile Bluetooth Mouse
•  2 * AAA batteries
•  User-Manual


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