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OKION USB Multi-Functions TouchPad
Dual functions - Number Keypad and Mouse TouchPad 2-in-1 • Support Multiple fingers touching • USB • Light weight and portable
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One simple Touch-Pad, Two great functions are ready for your laptop!

Introducing OKION's Multi-Functions TouchPad, a compact Touch-Pad designed to offer inputting numbers and mousing all at the same place. With just one press of button the user can freely switch between the 'Number-Inputting' mode and the 'Mouse' mode! The Touch-Pad is equipped with the Multi-Touch Technology, multiple fingers touching (upto three fingers touching simultaneously) is possible in order to apply different functionalities to the computer system.

With OKION Multi-Functions Touch-Pad, not only does it make mousing the system easy and efficient, it also offers users a much quicker and smarter way to apply frequently used opeations over the PC. All with just few simple fingertips' movements - such as Scrolling up/down/left/right over the websites, Zooming in and out of pictures, Rotating photos, or even switching between windows.

While the Touch-Pad is in the 'Number-Pad' mode, numeric data can be inputted by touching the numbers on the Touch-Pad. With the integrated Asynchronous Technology - the Touch-Pad's numLock (Number Lock) is now independent from the PC standard keyboard's NumLock. It enables you to input numbers by the Touch-Pad while normal text can be inputted at the same time by the PC standard keyboard.

Features & Advantages

Perfect multi-functionals mobile Touch-Pad, an external Number Pad and Mouse Touch-Pad put together

•  Multi-Functional USB TouchPad - Numeric Keypad (or TenKey) function and Mouse Touchpad function all in one
•  Mode selection hardware button on TouchPad to switch between NumPad Mode and Mouse Mode
•  Support Multiple Fingers Touching, for various computer operating functions (see below for some basic functions), and support upto three fingers touching simultaneously
•  Number pad with Asynchronous Technology - with this Technology NumLock is now independent from the connected PC’s NumLock. It enables you to inputing number with keypad without interrupting any normal text inputing on the PC standard keyboard
- Hardware mouse right and left button (in Mouse TouchPad mode); also act as Tab and BS (Back Space) button accordingly (while in NumPad mode)
•  NumLock LED status light on TouchPad


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