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OKION Armed™ Motion Detection Alarm Security Combination Lock for laptops and hardwares
Motion Detection Sensor integrated • Four digits combination lock • Loud 95 dB siren alarm • Retractable cable system for compact size for greatest mobility • Multi-Purpose security protection, ideal for luggages, bike, sport gears and accessories • Includes laptop security slot adapter for laptop security
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Protect your laptop computer and other valuable belongings while on the go with a reliable security solution , introducing OKION's LKM3 Motion Detection Alarm Enabled combination cable lock! This multi-purpose locking solution integrates three security powers in one - 1. A four digits combination retractable cable lock, 2. An internal motion detection sensor and, 3. A loud 95db siren alarm. It offers two advanced levels of security protection against any unauthorized movement of your belongings and the laptop theft. Easy operation of the system ensures users can setup the security easily - simply attaches the cable to the protected belongings or laptop and wrap the security cable around any unmovable object, set the four digits combination and have the motion sensoring alarm lock does the guarding job. The multi-purpose security solution is ideal for the security protection of your luggage(s), bike, sports equipment (skiing gears and golf clubs) and many more; Plus a laptop security slot adapter is included in the package for the mobile professionals' laptop computer security.

Features & Advantages

Two Security POWER in One Device: Combination retractable cable lock PLUS motion detection alarm:
•  4 digit Combination lock offers 10,000 combination
•  Motion detection sensor inside with loud 95 (DB) siren alarm
•  2 level motion sensitivity HIGH and LOW modes can be set
•  Toughest, galvanized and vinyl coated steel cable for serious protection to avoid stealing
•  Laptop security lock slot adapter included for laptop, projector, and other hardwares’ security (with the standard security slot integrated)
•  Simply attaches to carrying bags, luggages, sport gears for security
•  Light weight, retractable design for cable management for travelling

•  Motion Sensor: 2 levels motion sensitivity sensor
•  Alarm Siren: 95 (DB)
•  Lock Type: Combination (4-digit)
•  Material: Galvanized, vinyl
•  Accessories included: 4 * LR44 batteries, Laptop slot adapter (for Laptop and hardwares with security lock slot)
•  Cable Thickness / Length: 2 (mm); 600 (mm)


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