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5-in-1 Memory Card Reader + Universal System Cleaning Kit
Cleaning memory card reader slot and data pins • Support SD/ CF/ Memory Stick/ SmartMedia/ xD • Universal system supported - cleaning DC, DV, PC, Mobile Phone, Multimedia Player, Portable Gaming Machine
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Cleaning the system as well as its memory card reader in one single solution!!! A reliable cleaning solution that offers the highest performanced cleaning care to the electronics devices such as the digital cameras, video camcorders, mobile phones, portable multimedia players, and many more; with memory card reading slots and data pins. Supporting upto 5 widely used memory card formats - SD, CF, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, and xD; this kit is definitely the best and smartest choice for all your gadgets care needs. The kit includes 10 memeory card slots' cleaning cards, a micro-fiber cloth, cotton tips, nylon brush, and cleaning tissue; all in one boxed solution so that they can be all packed together to get on the road nice and handy.

Suggested Direction of Use:

1. Plug the cleaning card just as a normal media card for 2-3 times in the slot of the card reader
2. you will see the black lines appeared on the cleaning card after the cleaning process (see figure 1.1)
3. Make a note on the label at the back of the cleaning card after each cleaning
4. Use the included nylon brush to dig out dust, dirt from the body or buttons, etc.
5. Use the included cotton tips to remove dust, dirt from the body or buttons, etc.
6. Use the micro fibre cleaning cloth to clean the lens, monitor, or body, etc.
Package includes:

•  Cleaning Kit Storage Box
•  Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth
•  Refill for CF card cleaning paper
•  Cleaning card - 2* MMC/SD, 2* CF, 2* SmartMedia, 2* MemoryStick, 2* xD;
•  Cotton Tips
•  Nylon brush
•  Cleaning Tissue


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