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Screen Cleaning Kit
Cleaning solution for LCD and CRT screens • Anti-Run, Anti-Static cleaning solution • Patented rotatable cleaner • Offer over 100 times of cleaning • Cleaning kit stand included
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The OKION's Screen Cleaning Kit offers the most professional one-stop cleaning solution for your desktop and laptop PC's screen. It features 1. Cleaning flat LCD and CRT monitor screen with anti-run, anti-static cleaning gel; 2. Patented rotatable cleaner integrated; 3. Offer 100+ times perfect cleaning of PC screen; The desktop cleaning kit stand is included so that the cleaner and cleaning gel can be placed nicely on desk while not use.

Package includes:

•  Anti-run, anti-static cleaning gel - Effectively cleaning the LCD and CRT screen, removing dust, dirt, oil, fingerprints, etc.
•  Patented rotatable cleaner - offers over 100 times of professional screen cleaning
•  Desktop stand - included for perfect cleaning kit placement and storage


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