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Isa™ Bluetooth mouse
Bluetooth enabled • Cursor speed adjustable - 800/1000/1200DPI switable • Power saving sleep mode with On/Off switch • Mobile size
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Simply the best Bluetooth(R) mice inputing solution to go with any Bluetooth(R) enabled PC and Mac! Enjoy the Bluetooth(R) wireless freedom of mousing with OKION's Isa(TM) Bluetooth(R) mouse - simply establishing the wireless connection between the computer and mice (or pairing) once, and you are all set and ready to use. Seriously designed power-saving feature, PLUS the hardware power on/off switch, is equipped to ensure long battery life usage. Cursor speed changable/adjustable between 800/1000/1200DPI to ensure offering you the most comfortable and suitable cursor speed for software applications of your choice. With its pocket size design Isa(TM) is definitely an ideal choice for your handy storage and travelling.

Features & Advantages

•  Pocket size Bluetooth(R) wireless optical mouse designed for desktop and laptop computers
Customeriziable and adjustable cursor speed by DPI - switching bewteen 800/1000/1200DPI by the dedicated DPI switching button
•  No wireless receiver/adapter required, operating with computer's Bluetooth(R) technology
•  Noxicon(TM) patent pending power saving technology equipped with sleep-mode for basic power saving
•  Hardware Power On/Off switch for long-term batteries power saving
•  2-way wireless communication technology - with multiple channels plus automatic frequency jumping, dramatically avoid wireless interference with other devices
•  OKION's high resolution optical sensor
•  8(m) wireless working distance
•  2.4GHz frequency for worldwide compatibility and most reliable transmission
•  Support PC and Mac


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