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KeyzRight™ USB Numeric Keypad
Lopping cable management • USB laptop keypad • Special [000] key integrated • 19 keys • Ultra-slim version • Light weight and portable
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Adding a full function numeric keypad to your laptop with one simple plug to your laptop's USB port with OKION's KeyzRight™ USB Numeric Keypad and enjoy the numeric data keyboarding convenience you always missing in your laptop. considering your on-the-road convenience with an easy portable and storable keypad, OKION designs this keypad with a loopable cable management for which you can simply loop the cable around the keypad when not in use and store nicely in the laptop case. A special triple-zero [000] key is integrated offers a speedy way for any professionals require keyboarding large number very often. Finally, a non-synchronized keylock function is built inside so that the NumLock is independent from the PC's orginal NumLock key. It enables you to inputing number (on the keypad) without intercupting your normal text inputing.

Features & Advantages

•  18+1 keys standard layout just like what you found in any standard full-size keyboard
•  Non-synchronized function included - I.e. NumLock is independent from the connected PC standard NumLock. It enables you to inputing number with keypad but without intercupting any normal text inputing on the laptop's keyboard
•  Special triple-zero [000] key included
•  Fully plug-and-polay USB keypad with support of hot swapping
•  Support PC (Mac OS is not supported at this moment)

•  USB numeric keypad
•  Total keys: 19
•  Num Lock: included
•  Interface: USB
•  System Requirement: PC (Mac OS is not supported at this moment)


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