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Mapo™ 12-15.4" Notebook Hand-carry Backpack 2-in-1
Support upto 15.4" notebook • Backpack, hand-carry two in one design • Outdoor sporty look
Green • Orange • Black/Grey
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Mapo™ is a Two-in-One notebook case that offers you two ways of travelling - backpacking as well as shoulder or hand-carrying. A hand-carrying handle is built at the front side of the case for which you can hold it comfortably in one hand. Compartment is well organizated not only perfect for the notebook computer storage but also any travelling gears and accessories you always need - Two compact zipper bags are located at the front for fast access to the keys, coins, passports, and business cards; A large folder size zipper pocket for documents; A main notebook compartment with three sides paddings support for shock absorption. For everyones taste of style, Mapo™ has three different color matching to choose from - Green/Grey, Black/Grey, Oranage/Grey.


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