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Cyprini™ Optical Mouse USB+PS/2 combo
Mobile size • 800DPI Optical • USB • PS/2 • Scroll Wheel plus button function
Gray • Blue • Red
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The Cyprini™ Optical Mouse offers both coolest fashion and reliable functionality. With integrated 800DPI high performance optical sensor, the mouse actually gives users the pointing precision that others can't match. Cyprini™ includes both USB and PS/2 connection interface, system incompatibility is no longer an issue. Not only does the perfect sizing design of this mouse allows one to hold it comfortably, but also ideal of travellers to bring it along with their notebook computer.

Features & Advantages

•   Four colors to choose from
•  USB + PS/2 both supported, offering perfect system compatibility. With USB there is no software driver required. Simply Plug-and-Play and start using it right away
•  Precision OKION optical sensor, works on most surfaces
•  800DPI high resolution and high performance optical sensor
•  Three keys mouse
•  Work perfectly for both right- or left-handed users
•  Middle rolling wheel designed for up and down instant scrolling
•  Four contact points to reduce resistance and ensure excellent mobility
•  Easy controlling on most surface
•  No mouse ball
•  No need to clean mouse parts
•  No need to use mouse pad


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