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Biz-Classic™ USB Keyboard
USB • Meet corporate standard • 108/109 QWERTY layout • Reliable membrane contact • Tactile feedback
Black • White • Silver
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This is an standard 108/109-keys QWERTY layout keyboard, built with USB plug-and-play interface and slimest design. K119U Biz-Classic(TM) keyboard is a full size 445x156x15 (cm) model that is designed for all your daily home and office applications needs and enabled the complete functionality of the computer system. Especially catering for organizations and business corporations, K119U Biz-Classic(TM) USB keyboard is a reliable keyboard with outstanding quality. There is no hotkeys included on the keyboard so to allow corporate's IT professionals to maintain. Not only does K119U offers comfortable typing environment, but also giving you quality step-sculptured key caps, reliable membrane contact and tactile feedback. Finally, not to mention K119U Biz-Classic(TM) keyboard meets most corporate standard, perfect for the maintainance by the IT department.

Features & Advantages

•  USB Inteface/Connection
•  Windows compatible
•  Spill resistant
•  No hotkeys
•  Stylish classic slim design
•  Laser key caps for long lasting keys' indication

•  Compatible with Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Vista, and Mac OSX, Linux
•  Key Layout: 108/109 keys (with ACPI keys)
•  Weight: 500 (g)
•  Cable length: 162 (cm)
•  Port: USB


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