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Scotto™ Wireless Presenter (with desktop mouse function)
3-in-1 functions: Wireless Presenter, Wireless Desktop Mouse, Laser Pointer • Reliable 2.4GHz wireless with 10M operation distance • USB • 5-keys • 2 Optical sensors
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Perfectize your personal or business presenation, add this gear to make your presentation a smooth and porofessional one! Scotto(TM) presenter is a wireless device that allows you to easily control your powerpoint(R) presentation application in-the-air. Carrying it in your hand and you are free to move to your next presentation slides, pausing the presentation, muting the volume, and etc. Built with a red beam laser pointer function, you can wirlessly beam the laser by a simple press of a button at the back. Finally, with the additional bottom optical sensor, this presenter can be in fact work perfectly as a cordless desktop mouse - Simply place it on the desk and the optical sensor will function normally as a precision 800DPI optical mouse.

Features & Advantages

•  3 functions in 1 device: Powerpoint(R) presenter, Wireless desktop mouse, and Laser pointer
•  High performance and reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection
•  Wireless Operation distance upto 10 meter
•  Built with precision 800DPI optical sensor at bottom, use the presenter as a standard optical mouse when placed on the desktop
•  Laser pointer button equipped at the back of the presenter and can be easily reached and pressed for beaming red color laser beam
•  5 keys design - full control over your powerpoint(R) presentation
•  USB interface for plug-and-play installation
•  Hardware power-off switched included for reliable battery power saving
•  Designed for professional users


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