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Prelude™ Laser Mouse USB+PS/2
Multi-color selection • Laser Engine • USB • PS/2
White • Blue • Pink • Gold
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Dress up your desktop with Prelude™ - a high resolution laser engine enabled mouse comes in four beautiful colors! Blue, White, Gold, or Pink, pick the one that fits your personal taste. Equipped with precision 800DPI Laser sensor, it's ideal for not only for your daily work applications, but also perfect enough for your favorite computer games. System compatibility is not an issue as Prelude™ supports both USB and PS/2 interface. Not to mention the laser sensor supports most desktop surfaces such as wood and even glass.

Features & Advantages

•  Laser engine mouse
•  3 buttons laser mouse (left- and right- button PLUS middle scrolling wheel button)
•  High resolution 16 inch/second sensing
•  Fully plug-and-play USB + PS/2 interface support
•  Comfortable size for both laptop or desktop usage
•  800DPI laser sensor works on most surface, even on glass
•  Support Windows 98/2000, MacOS 8.6+ with USB device driver
•  Support Windows ME, XP, Vista, and Linux kernal 2.4.0+ without device driver


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