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IR Remote Control for Windows Media Center Edition (MCE)
Remote Control dedicated for MCE • IR wireless • Powerful control with upto 37 buttons with 8-ways movement cursor buttons
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Have full control over your Windows Media Center PC and at the same time enjoy your home entertainment direct on your TV by remote control just like your other home appliances with OKION's IR Remote Control for Windows Media Center Edition (MCE). Simply connect the IR receiver to the Windows Media Center PC and you are ready to browse for your favorite movie or music with the remote contorl. The wireless connection supports upto 30M, perfect distance even enough for your big 50" LCD or Plasma TV.

Features & Advantages

•  IR remote control supports MCE, Vista 32bit, and Vista 64bits
•  Full wireless control over Windows XP Media Center PC for features offered by the Windows
•  Wireless operation distance upto 20 feet
•  IR Transceiver supports USB interface with plug-and-play installation
•  Built with 44 keys with rubber-dome switches or 49 keys functions (European version with 5 teletext buttons)
•  Modern fashionable design

•  Transmitting distance: Upto 20 feet
•  Infrared Frequency: 38 (KHz)
•  Based on Microsoft-Philips RC 6 IR protocol
•  Power source: 2.4 - 3.5V (2 * AAA batteries)
•  Battery Time: 6 months (typical usage)
System Requirements

•  IBM or compatible PC system
•  Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Vista 32 bits, or Vista 64 bits
•  Pentium 4 2.4G and above CPU is recommended
•  60G and above harddisk
•  256MB and above RAM
•  Microsoft Windows XP certified 64MB DDR video card
•  Microsoft Windows XP certified MPEG 2 Decorder


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