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Lacion™ Lightup Laser Mouse USB+PS/2 combo
Body lightup style • Laser sensor • Adjustable sensor between 400/800/1200DPI • LED eye • USB • PS/2
Black/Blue • Black/Red
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Stylize your desktop with Lacion(TM), an illuminated laser mouse with combo USB+PS/2 interface. With the eye-catching LED eye (light) and illuminated lighting bottom and scrolling wheel, it surely a great choice for you to add more color to the desktop. Not to mention it is a laser mouse which offers the best pointing precision and works on even more surfaces than the traditional optical and ball mouse.

Features & Advantages

•  Laser sensor inside offering high precision mouse tracking
•  Combo USB plug-and-play and PS/2 interface
•  Illuminated mouse design, light up when it's connected to the system
•  Light on scrolling wheel, mouse bottom body, and one special LED eye (light)
•  400, 800, 1200DPI adjustable high resolution laser sensor (adjustable by pressing the left- or right- buttons simultaneiously for 3 seconds; when it's in 400DPI mode, light (under scrolling wheel) will glitter slowly, 800DPI will gliiter fast, and 1200DPI will glitter fastest
•  Stylish design with two colors to choose from
•  Support PC/Mac


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