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Mokoto™ Retractable Optical Pocket Mouse USB
Retractable Cable in side mouse boby • USB Plug-and-Play • Scroll Wheel • Pocket size • Optical
Black/Red • White/Blue
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Bring it with you everywhere handy, an unique pocket mouse that truly designed for mobility. Mokoto(TM) pocket mouse is a retractable cable that is actually equipped inside the mouse body. One simple pull of its retractable cable Mokoto(TM) instantly ready for you to use by plugging into any functional USB port. Besides the one piece design, it is also compact and light weight which are both ideals for you to store it in your notebook case for your travelling.

Features & Advantages

•  One piece design, retractable built inside mouse body
•  Retractable cable for handy cable management
•  Cable extends up to 75cm and adjustable to your favorite length
•  Compact size for mobile computing and handy travelling
•  Precision OKION optical sensor, works on most surfaces
•  800DPI ultra-high hardware resolution and high performance
•  Work perfectly for both right- or left-handed users
•  Compatible with most system - Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT/ XP, Mac OS, Linux, Sun, etc.

•  OKION optical sensor, works on most surfaces
•  Cord: 75(cm) Retractable
•  Port: USB
•  Precision: 800 DPI


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