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Universal Travelling Plug Adapter
Support over 150 countries • with multi-nation safety shutters • 110/220V Power indicator included
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Travelling with electronic devices that require power? Tired of having a plug adapter that works in one country but not another? Here is a perfect travel adapter solution for you - An OKION's universal plug adapter that allows you to easily configure in seconds and ready for use with outlets for in most countries. With its compact and all-in-one design, this universal plug adapter saves your storage space and is defintely handy for your electronics devices while travelling.

Features & Advantages

•  One piece all-in-one design
•  Support and works with USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, China
•  Support over 150 countries with 3 slide-out plugs
•  Easy to use slide-out design with secure locks
•  With 110V/220V indication light
•  Compact and light weight for easy travelling
•  IMPORTANT: This product DOES NOT CONVERT electrical voltage and not for use with high watt devices


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