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Onima™ Pocket Rechargeable Optical Mouse with Storagable USB reciever
Wireless • Rechargable • Storagable USB receiver • Mini pocket size • Optical • Status Light built • Zoomer • Multi-browsing ways • USB • Scroll Wheel
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No seperate wireless mice receiver anymore, store it directly inside the mice when not in use! Onima(TM) is a wireless pocket mice that is not only rechargeable, but also a USB receiver storageable mice that is designed for your ease of travelling. It's compact and built with USB interface, simply plug it into your laptop and you are ready to use it. Power On/Off switch is located at the bottom of the mouse so that you can save some power while on the road or anytime you are not using it. Precision 800DPI optical sensor is perfect for your computing applications and work effectively on most surface.

Features & Advantages

•  27MHz RF wireless mouse
•  Rechargeable functionality with included USB recharging cable, never run out of mouse batteries
•  Auto Power-Off when idle for certain period of time
•  Pocket size for great mobility and perfect for travelling with laptops
•  Storeable USB receiver, tuck the adapter right inside the mouse
•  Power On/Off switch located at the bottom, power off the mouse while not in use to save batteries power
•  Low-battery power indication light on mouse
•  Recharging status light on the included USB recharging cable for your quick notification
•  Stylish design
•  Fully plug-and-play USB interface
•  Lower power consumption
•  Support Windows 98/2000, Mac OS 8.6+ with USB device driver
•  Support Windows ME, XP, and Linux Kernal 2.4.0+ without device driver

•  RF Wireless: 27MHz Frequency
•  RF Wireless distance: Minimum of 1 meter
•  Super high sensitivity optical sensor with 800DPI
•  Indicator light included: Power status light on mouse, wireless connection status light on USB receiver
•  Recharging requirement: System's USB port
•  Battery required: 2 * AAA rechargeable alkaline batteries (included)
•  Battery left saving: by smart power management
•  Power consumption: Optical: <25mA (3V), Standby: 5.1mA, Sleep: <0.1mA
•  Dimension: 100(L) x 58.4(W) x 35.5(D) (mm) (cable not included)
•  Net Weight: 65 (g)


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