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Delimer™ Pocket Laser Mouse with Retractable Cable
Laser mouse • 4-way scrolling • Retractable cable • Pocket Mouse • USB • PS/2
White • Blue • Silver • Blue
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Pick the right Laser mouse and start experience what a precision pointing device that should be! Delimer(TM) Laser pocket mouse is a Laser engine sensor powered mouse, capable of detecting surface at a high resolution rate of 1,600DPI - good enough for picking the exact screen pixel as you wish, especially userful for graphics applications that offer detailed digital drawing ability. 4-directional scrolling wheel is equipped so that you can actually scroll your documents or webpages not only up and down, but also left and right easily. With the advanced Laser sensor, there's no more limitation on the working surfaces and you can even use this mouse on glass.

Features & Advantages

•  High performance Laser sensor equipped
•  Special 4-Directional scrolling wheel equipped, scrolling documents/webpages in four directions - up/down, left/right
•  Retractable cable included for great mobility. USB+PS/2 combo interface for most systems
•  High resolution Laser sensor - up to 1600DPI. Pick up the exact pixel as you wish, ideal for high resolution graphics applications
•  Fashionable design for your unique style
•  Support Windows 98/2000, Mac OS 8.6+ with USB device driver
•  Support Windows ME, XP, and Linux Kernal 2.4.0+ without device driver

•  Sensor Type: Laser sensor
•  Sensor Resoultion: 1600 DPI
•  Light Source: Single mode- Laser diode (VCSEL) comply with Laser Product Class I (under 0.7 mW)
•  Cable: Retractable cable upto 1.5 (m)
•  Connection Interface: USB and PS/2 (PS/2 adapter included)
•  Dimension: 96.7 (L) x 56.7 (W) x 36.6 (D) (mm)


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