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Zonics™ Illumination Internet/Multimedia Keyboard
Illuminated • Multiemdia • Internet • USB
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Enjoy a keyboard that actually lights up in the dark! Take action and get yourself even more excitment to your gaming experience with Zonics™ Illumination Internet/Multimedia USB Keyboard. This keyboard is a full-size keyboard (with standard 105-107 keys), defintely enough and perfect for your daily computing tasks for your home/office. With one press of button the keyboard immediately turns itself into an illuminated (backlit) keyboard, a wonderful play-mate for your computing games. Keyboarding in the dark environment is just too fun and excited. As for the connecting interface it is built with USB to enhance its compatibility with most systems and plug-and-play ease of use.

Features & Advantages

•  On-Off Light Functionality: provides luminescence only when you want it
•  Adjustable keyboard height for comfortable typing experience
•  SoftKeying Technology applied to minimize key clicking noise
•  Slim design makes it very nice looking with your thin LCD monitor
•  Built-in special hotkeys design: Internet and Multimedia application functions - A must for fast internet navigation and multimedia control.
•  Fold-down feet: provides the perfect keyboard tilt for typing
•  Fully compatiable with Windows Me/2000/XP
•  Full size keyboard


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