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Yogo™ Rolling Notebook Case/Backpack (BBP4R)
Rolling case + Backpack + Notebook case 3-in-1 design • Removable roller • ImpacSAVER™ stock protection • 2+1 Major Compartment • 17" notebook computer ready
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A revolution design starts here with Yogo™ 3-In-1 notebook rolling case/backpack - a case that actually has three functions: Roller, Backpack, and Notebook case!!!! Yogo™ is a combination of two parts - a standalone rolling case, and a notebook backpack. The zipper is located at the middle of the case so that you can either combaining or separating it according to your purpose of usage. The specially designed ImpacSAVER(TM) impact/shock protection system is built with it for highly secure of notebook computer storage. The rolling part comes with a two levels telecscoping locking handle for your maximum comfort while travel. There is just too much good things to mention and waiting for you to find out.

Features & Advantages

•  Rolling case, Backpack, Notebook case 3-in-1 design

•  Quick access passport/documents pocket
A quick access pocket is built at the front of the Yogo(TM) notebook case giving you the most speedy and convenient way of accessing your important notes/documents, passport, and other business gear

•  Main notebook computer compartment
The main compartment is designed to be large enough for your notebook computer up to 15.4" screen size. With ImpacSAVER(TM) system it enhances the protection against impact and stock damage to your valuable computer with specially slected padding materials. Additional accessories pockets are also included inside the main compartment for your mobile computing tools like digital camera, mouse, flahs memory drive, calculator, etc.

•  Backpack shoulder straps with 1-Finger-Puller
With convenient 1-Finger-Puller feature, you can easily adjust the straps to fit your back carrying height fast and easy by one pull with your finger

•  Separated into a standalone Backpack and Rolling Case
Yogo(TM) is designed as a seperate-able case. The design allows you to instantly turn Yogo(TM) into one full functional backpack, and a rolling case.

•  Additional compartment in standalone rolling case

•  Two levels telescoping locking handle

•  Legs are housed at the bottom of the backpack/roller for stable standing

•  Material: Nylon (Teflon)
•  Dimension (Exterior): 43x37x14.5 (cm)


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