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Somaco™ Wireless Rechargeable Pocket Optical Mouse
Wireless • Rechargable • Mini pocket size • Optical • Status Light built • Zoomer • Multi-browsing ways • USB • Scroll Wheel
Black (rubberized)
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Get a wireless optical mouse that stay-in-power at all time with rechargeable funcationality and here is a perfect pocket size mouse for your home/office, business travel and mobile computing. Somaco(TM) wireless rechargeable pocket optical mouse is ideal for you to control your system with totally cordless freedom. It adds a special rechargeable function in order to supply you wireless optical mouse with unlimited batteries power. Recharging the wirelss mouse is very simple, simply have your mouse connected to the recharging cable kit (included when purchase) and have another end plugged into your system's USB port. Power recharging status light is built on the mouse itself for your notification.

Features & Advantages

•  Wireless mini-size optical mouse
•  Rechargeable function built-in with included USB recharging cable kit
•  Low-battery indication light on mouse
•  Recharging status light on mouse itself for your quick notification
•  Compact size for mobile computing
•  800DPI high resolution optical sensor
•  Programmable mouse keys by included software
•  Work perfectly for both right- or left-handed usres
•  Phyiscally On/Off button available for power saving while on travel
•  Support Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Mac OS 8.6+, and Linux Kernal 2.4.0+

•  RF Wirelss: 27MHz
•  Channel/ID: 1 Channel with 256ID
•  Buttons: 3
•  Battery working hours: ~20 (hour)
•  RF Wirelss distance: Minimum of 1 Meter
•  Super High Sensitive with 800DPI
•  Indicator included: Power status on mouse, wireless connection status light on USB adapter, Recharging status light on mouse as well
•  Recharging requirement: System's USB port
•  Battery Required: 2 * Ni-MH AAA batteries (included)
•  Battery life saving: by smart power management
•  Power On/Off: Available, by press/hold the mouse reset button for 3 seconds


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