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Keyotes™ 19 keys USB numeric keypad for laptop
Rubber skinned • USB portable keypad • 19 keys (with [00] key) • Ultra-slim version • Light weight
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Tired of inputing numeric data without a standard number-pad that is missing in your laptop PC? Isn't it a great idea to have an external keypad with just one USB plug into your computer and instantly give you an ability to input numeric data fast? Keyotes™ 19 keys USB numeric keypad for laptop is available for you to solve the problem. With ultra-slim and light-weight design, this is a great perpherial for your mobile computing life that simply offer you a great tool for inputing numbers or scrolling data. Beautifully finished with professional black rubber coating gives you a great outlook and perfect match with your laptop PCs. It offers one additional [00] key in addition to the standard 18 keys for your usual operation. Finally, it's USB plug-and-play support so that you can immediately use it whenever you want.

Features & Advantages

•  18+1 keys standard layout just like what you found in any standard full-size keyboard
•  Non-synchronized function included - I.e. NumLock is independent from the connected PC standard NumLock. It enableds you to inputing number with Keyotes™ without inercupting your normal text inputing
•  Special double zero [00] key included
•  Fully plug-and-polay USB keypad with support of hot swapping
•  Support PC (Mac OS is not supported at this moment)

•  USB numeric keypad
•  Total keys: 19
•  Num Lock: included
•  Dimension: 12.6 x 8.6 x 1 (cm)
•  Interface: USB
•  System Requirement: PC (Mac OS is not supported at this moment)


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