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LK4 Lock_On™ Laptop Security Cable Lock (Keys version)
Instant security for laptop computer • 2 keys included • Compatilble with laptop security slot • built with ToughSave™ material
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Have a reliable locking system to look after your expensive laptop computer while travelling with OKION's Lock_On™ Series laptop computers security locking system. For an affordable price it instantly offers you effective and handy security in office, hotel, or car. With patented locking mechanism you can simply worry-free about your notebook computers get stolen by thief, this cable lock offers instant Lock-down protection for expensive equipment with anti-pick cylinder. Stainless steel expansion arm is built to ensure snug fit, prevents prying off lock with a screwdriver and provides more holding power. Durable Six-foot steel composite cable is included for you to secure the laptop with any immovable articles such as desk legs, chair.


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