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75W DC-to-AC Vehicle Power Inverter
power inverter for vehicle use • fit cigarette lighter adapter • Single AC outlet connects to any portable AC appliance
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Power up your portable AC appliance by connecting it the the single AC outlet supplied by this vehicle Power Inverter. This vehicle power inverter attaches effortlessly to any vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter and turns it instantly into a single AC outlet. Ideal for using your laptop, watching TV, GPS and much more in car, boat, or RV.

Features & Advantages

•  Power up your AC appliance inside car: Mobile phone, GPS, notebook, digital camera, PDA and much more;
•  Supports any 12-volt DC vehicle cigarette ligher socket
•  charge your device or use it while on the go
•  Protection functions includes Overload protection, Overheating protection
•  Input voltage: 12V/24V DC
•  Output voltage: AC220V-230V/AC110V-115V
•  Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz or more
•  Continuous power: 75W
Accepts 3-prong AC power cords
•  Surge Power: 150W


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