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Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Headset
Bluetooth Wireless • Class 2 • Compatible to mobile phone/PDA/laptops • Volume/Power Control • Lightweight
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Enjoy the real handsfree talking over the mobile phone with Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Headset from OKION. Designed for your mobile phone with included Bluetooth® technology, you can make and receive any calls wirelessly by one press of button on the headset even though your phone is stored inside your pocket, backpack, or briefcase. The Bluetooth wireless headset is made with compact, lightweight (about 9 grams including batteries) and stylish design and very comfortable to use. Back-ear hook is included for even more secure wearing, alternatively you can simply wear it with the free carrying necklace. Operation such as increasing/decreasing volume, making/receiving calls, and powering-on/off is as easy as touching a button. Furthermore, the powerful rechargeable Lithium polymer batteries give you up to 4.5 hours talk time, 100 hours standby time and unhindered movement within a range of 10 meters (33 feet). Finally, with Bluetooth Technology you can even use the headset with any other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as PDA, Laptops, Media-player, and much more.

Features & Advantages

•  Hands-free communications via your Bluetooth cell phone
•  Support both headset profile and hands-free profile
•  Bluetooth v 1.2 compliant.
•  Fashion and stylish design.
•  The smallest and the lightest weight Bluetooth wireless headset available. (Only 9 grams including battery.)
•  Noise suppression, echo elimination and duplex sound for crystal
•  clear quality calls.
•  Rechargeable with Up to 8 hrs talk time and 250 hrs standby time.
•  Works for VoIP (Internet chat and telephony), speech recognition, music, and multimedia games
•  Free accessories including back-ear hook, carrying Neck strap, additional soft earmud, recharging power adapter

Package Includes

•  Bluetooth headset
•  Back-ear hook
•  Storage bag
•  Carrying Neck strap
•  Mobile Recharging Power Adapter
•  User-Manual


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