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Speebox™ 5.25" CD/DVD/DVDRW/IDE HDD Enclosure with Built-in Cooler
USB 2.0 & Firewire (Optional) • Cooler built-in • Externalize 5.25" CD/DVD/CDRW/DVDRW drive • Externalize 3.5" IDE HDD • Portable design • On-Off Switch with status LED • Openable cover
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Instantly turn your 5.25" CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD+/-RW drives or 3.5" IDE Harddisk into external portable storage device nice and easy!!!! Combining the following for your mobile data storage solution: - Built-in Power Supply with Auto Switching between 110V/240V, make it no hassle of carrying heavy cord around and worry about power compatibility; - 8cm high powered cooling fan for unlimited flow of cool air for highest drive operation performance; - Front panel 'coverable' design for enclosure usage with 3.5" HDD to prevent dusts.

Features & Advantages

Make it External!!!!

. With Speebox™ you can instantly turn any standard internal 5.25" CD-Rom, CD-RW, DVD-Rom, DVD+/-RW drives and 3.5" IDE Harddisk into a portable external device, connecting it at ultra-fast speed anytime, anywhere. Flexible enough that your drive is no longer required to be installed fix into your desktop computer case.

Cool it down!!!!

. With two ways cooling features, you can simply rest worry about the drive inside getting too hot. It built with a 8cm internal cooling fan, and a cooling window at the back for unlimited flow of cool air

Style your computing!!!!

. With no waste of space and concerate on your unique style, it is designed in Aluminum casing and fit perfectly with you 5.25" disc drive or 3.5" IDE HDD. Stylish cover at the front panel is included for the dust prevention.

Transfer it FAST!!!!

. Via USB2.0 or Firewire IEEE1394 (only if combo purchased), data will be able to read/write at the speed up to 480Mbps - 40 times faster than any old traditional USB1.1 enclosure on the market

Plug it EASY!!!!

. You need it, just plug it. Anytime you want to access your disc drive you simply plug the USB connector (or Firewire IEEE1394 for USB+Firewire combo version) into computer system and you are ready to read/write the compact disc or HDD with your computer
More features:

•  Aluminum casing for style and light weight for mobile computing
•  Turn your standard 5.25" IDE drive such as CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW into external storage device via USB2.0 (or optional firewire interface)
•  Alternatively turning your 3.5" IDE Harddisk into an external mass storage device
•  Internal 8cm bellower ultra cooling fan built-in
•  Internal Auto Switching Power Supply
•  Cooling window at the back panel
•  High speed data transmission by USB2.0 as fast as 480Mbps
•  Optionally firewire connection is available at the speed of 400Mbps
•  Front panel On/Off Power switch
•  Openable cover at front panel for dust prevention
•  High reliability of shocking and vibrating absortion
•  Designed with style and slim, fit the drive right in without unnecessary space wasting
•  Plug-and-Play, use anytime, anywhere immediately when you need it
•  Hot swappable
•  Support Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2K/Pro/XP, Mac OSX 8.6 or above, Linux
•  Total driverless installation (except Win 98 only)

•  Drive supported: 3.5" IDE Harddisk, 5.25" CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW
•  Drive connection: ATA66/100 supported
•  Hardware Requirement: IBM Compatible PC, Macintoch
•  Operating System: Windows 98/ SE/ 2000/ ME/ XP, Mac OS, Linux
•  Driver: Driver is needed only in Windows 95/98/SE
•  Power Supply: AC input: 110 - 240V auto-switching
•  USB Interface: USB2.0 (backwards compatible with USB1.1)
•  Firewire Interface (optional): Firewire supports up to 400Mbps data transfer rate
•  LED indicators: LED power-ON indication included
•  Shell material: Aluminum casing
•  Connection: Plug-and-Play and hot-swappable connection
•  Dimension: 170 x 61.5 x 272 (mm)
•  Certificate: FCC/CE
•  Harddisk Supported: 3.5" IDE Harddisk
Package Includes

•  Speebox™ highspeed CD/CDRW/DVD/DVDRW/IDE drive enclosure
•  USB2.0 cable
•  Firewire IEEE1394 cable (only included with USB+Firewire model HE519C)
•  Power cord
•  Speebox documentation user manual
•  Driver companion CD (for Win 98 only)


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