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Observer™ Notebook Webcam
SVGA CMOS sensor • For both Desktop or laptop design • USB
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Enjoy the most professional mobile webcam OKION has ever built for traveller - Observer(TM) Notebook Webcam! Equiped inside Observer is the highest quality SVGA CMOS capable of capturing 1280 x 1024 digital still image. With 30FPS of 640 x 480 motion pictures you can count on Observer(TM) to supply your friend located at the other side to view your face nice and clear. Holding the webcam steady is also a very important part during your video conferencing - That's why Observer(TM) comes with a stylish clip so that you can install it securely on your laptop's monitor OR place it stably by the L-shape webcam stand. Finally with a flipable design, this Observer can be flipped to reduce the size for your easy storage.

Features & Advantages

•  Desktop stand plus Laptop Clip design, Perfect for all users with desktop or laptop computer
•  High reslotuion supporting 1280 x 1024 pixels still image capture
•  High-quality SVGA CMOS sensor inside with software supporting video efficiency and photo-frame effect addon
•  Compact size and light weight for traveller's easy storage
•  USB Plug-and-play simple installation, get it hooked up in a second
•  Light-sensitive CMOS sensor with 380K pixels resolution
•  Built-in advance hardware data compression for smoothest possible motion pictures transmission
•  Selectable Auto or Manual Brightness adjustment
•  Adjustable lens for clearest focus
•  Selectable Auto or Manual Exposed control
•  Still-picture and motion video capturing

•  [NEW] 1/4 inches CMOS picture sensors
•  SVGA CMOS sensor with highest 380K pixel
•  Frame rate: up to 30 FPS (640x480)
•  Effective pixels: 1280 x 1024, 640 x 480, 352 x 288, 320 x 240, 176 x 144, 160 x 120
•  Output Format: 24 bits colors, I420 RGB
•  Brightness: auto-detect
•  Exposed control: auto-detect
•  Lens view angle: 45 - 60 degrees
•  Focus range: 3cm to infinity in CIF model
•  Interface: USB port


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