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Handio™ Internet/Multimedia Compact Keyboard USB+PS/2
USB Keyboard • Slim & Compact • Internet/Multimedia one-touch keys • PS/2
Black • Blue • White
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As compact as it gets!!!

Get a compact keyboard for your computer system and gain more space for your always busy desktop now with Handio(TM) Multimedia Internet Compact Keyboard USB+PS/2!!!! With Handio(TM) you can enjoy the convenience of a mini size keyboard while at the same time inputing with the same functionality you can expect from any full-size keyboard. In addition, it comes with the one-touch multimedia keys for your easy control over your multimedia application such as playing music, pausing them, increasing/decreasing audio volume, etc. The modern outlook with comfort ergonomic design is applied to ensure your ulitmate arm muscle relaxation and the highest style standard.

Features & Advantages

USB (or PS/2) Plug-and-Play Convenience
With both USB and PS/2 interface built-in for connection compatilbility, you can instantly hook up the Handio(TM) keyboard with any desktop or notebook PC.

Compact enough for your busy desktop
Handio(TM) is designed in compact size with keyboard dimension as small as 31x16x1.7(CM). By eliminating the number keypad, Handio is mini enough for you to free up more your desktop space and yet at the same time enjoying the full-size keyboard functionality.

Quality, Comfort, and Style
Handio(TM) is here for your unqiue tasteful style. With curved design, it suits perfectly with any desktop or notebook computer. Greatest possible quality is ensured by multiple tests and keystroke lifecycle is expected to be over 5 million times, and average troubleproof working time over 5000 hours.

Internet / Multimedia Ready with Handio(TM)
Controlling musics is as easy as a press of the multimedia one-touch button!!!! With the equipped internet and multimedia one-touch(TM) keys, you can do the following nice and easy during your computer experience such as: Playing / Stoping music, Increasing / Decreasing audio volume, Accessing 'My Computer', Launching E-mail application, etc.


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