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OKION™ Handheld Screen Protector
Handheld Screen Protector • HP • BlackBerry • O2 • PalmOne • HandSpring • Sony • Toshiba
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Get extra protection for your handheld screen with OKION Handheld Screen Protector and enjoy the scratchless protection instantly!!!! These screen protectors simply protects your handheld screen by the special designed thin and durable screen overlays. The package contains up to 15 overlays and the cutting grid is included so that you are guaranteed that it will fit your PDA. The overlay offers thin smoothest-possilbe surface that reduce the screen glare, and greatly extend the life the fragile screen and prevent damage from the day-to-day use.

Features & Advantages

•  Fit all PDA screens
•  Avoid damage by scratches, grime, and avoid fingerprints
•  Easy installation
•  Size template included for your overlay cutting required to fit the PDA screen
•  Self-adhering surface and easy to attach
•  15 pieces overlays included in package


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