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Propen™ Handheld Stylus with Pen/Pencil
Handheld Stylus • Pen/Pencil/Stylus • HP • BlackBerry • O2 • PalmOne • HandSpring • Sony • Toshiba
Silver/Black • Silver/White
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Always finding your standard stylus too tiny for netvigating your PDA?? Isn't it great to have a regular pen-size stylus that do not only a pointing stylus for your handheld? Why bother to carry a spare pen just for traditional writing when your stylus with your PDA already including it? Here is the pen-size stylus specially designed for traveller on the go with handheld device. This stylus is the great gear for your handheld devices such as HP, BlackBerry, O2, PalmOne, HandSpring, Sony, Toshiba, and more.

Features & Advantages

•  Gorgeous design on body, giving it a stylish and slightly futuristic look
•  Comfortable soft-rubber grip that makes it so comfort to use
•  Features one white plastic stylus point
•  Features one blue ballpen
•  Features one pencil
•  Perfect replacement for your old stylus


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