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Confince™ Handheld Stylus 3-IN-1
Handheld Stylus • Pen/Stylus/Reset Pin 3-IN-1 • HP • BlackBerry • O2 • PalmOne • HandSpring • Sony • Toshiba
Green • Yellow • Black • White
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Why bother to carry a spare pen just for traditional writing when your stylus with your PDA already including it? Here is the 3-in-1 stylus specially designed for traveller on the go with handheld device. Simply replace this 3-in-1 stylus with your orginal one from the PDA manfacuturer, and you can rest worry about missing a pen when you have to write something on paper. This stylus fits perfectly for most popular handheld devices such as HP, BlackBerry, O2, PalmOne, HandSpring, Sony, Toshiba, and more.

Features & Advantages

•  A stylus for your handheld
•  A pen for your writing needs
•  A reset pin ready for resetting your handheld when required
•  Four colors to choose from
•  Fit most PDA manufactured on the market
•  Perfect replacement for your old stylus


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