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Mobile devices (Handheld devices, Mobile phone) Mounting Kit
PDA holder • Mobile phone holder • Fully adjustable • HP • BlackBerry • O2 • PalmOne • HandSpring • Sony • Toshiba
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Ever need to netvigate your handheld device or browsing contact information while driving? Or exploring direction with your portable GPS system? Here is a great tool for all your PDA and mobile phone mounting needs. Equiped with cushioned adjustable arms and feet to hold your PDA/Mobile phone securely. Adjustable tilt mechanism makes it easy controlling the suitable angle of viewing. This universal holder firmly grips most pocket-sized PC's and small size mobile phone. See the fitting information for more detail.

Features & Advantages | Specification

•  Securely hold your handheld device or mobile phone
•  Adjustable side spring extension will expand the width up to 1 inch.
•  Fully adjustable Width for all PDA or mobile phone sizes
•  With soft cushioned jaws that grip your handheld devices or mobile phones
•  Features suction Cup for windshield attachment
•  Additional thick cushional jaws is included for small size mobile phone mounting needs
•  Strong arm for tightest possible holding requirement
•  Adjustable arm for best angle of viewing for users
•  Compact and lightweight design
•  Adjustable base at bottom for different type of connector of the recharge/syncing cable
Package Includes

•  Mounting holder
•  Angle adjustable arm with suction cup


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