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PortPad™ USB Keypad + 2 USB ports hubs
USB portable keypad • USB 2 ports hubs • Compact/Light weight
Light gray • Black
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Tired of inputing numeric data without a standard number-pad that is missing in your laptop PC? Isn't it a great idea to have a external keypad for your daily use for that PLUS giving you two addition USB ports? PortPad is available for you to solve the problem. With weight only as little as 80g, this is a great add-on for your mobile computing life that simply offer you a great tool for inputing numbers or scrolling data. It's USB plug-and-play support so that you can immediately use it whenever you want. Two USB downstream ports is available in the keypad for you to connect two more USB-enabled devices such as your optical mouse, USB light, USB fan, etc.

The coming features

Dual usage: Portable USB keypad and two ports USB hubs

Portable USB keypad
•  19 keys standard layout just like what you found in any standard full-size keyboard
•  Non-synchronized function included - NumLock is independent from the connected PC standard NumLock. It enables you to inputing number with PortPad without intercupting your normal text inputing
•  Fully plug-and-play USB keypad with support of hot swapping
•  High-speed data transfer rate up to 480Mbps, 40 times faster than traditional USB1.1 data transfer rate
•  Supports Win 95 OSR2/98/ 98SE/ME/2000/XP
•  Driver CD-ROM included. User Manual in CD-ROM.

Two ports USB Hubs
•  Access up to 2 USB devices simultaneously
•  Super compact, lightweight design, great for mobile users
•  Plug-n-play and hot swappable
•  Self Bus powered
Package includes

•  PortPad™ USB Keypad + 2 USB ports hubs
•  User manual
•  Driver CD


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