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OnePad™ Portable Keypad Calculator 2-in-1 USB
Portable • 19 keys Keypad • 12 hotkeys Caculator • USB
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Enjoy the fast number inputing with your laptop computer with OnePad, a mobile 19 Keypad/Calculator combo is a USB numeric keypad with full Calculator function. Design to make it ideal for spreadsheet, accounting and financial applications that requires fast and accurate entry of numeric data. In addition, it's built with a full 12 digits LCD screen and 12 calculator hot keys for your portable calculating needs. Enjoy the dual usage of calculator and USB keypad whenever you need it on the go. Features with special ResultSync(TM) technology, you can even transfer your calculation result immediately into the computer just by a single key. So no more hassle of carrying a calculator or using the Microsoft OS embedded calculator that disappears with your valuable data every time you switch programs.

Features & Advantages

•  Dual usage: Portable calculator and USB keypad
•  Dual Operation with two-way power system - either by Battery or USB power from your PC
•  19 keys standard layout just like what you found in any standard full-size keyboard
•  12 calculator hot keys: M-, M+, MRC, TAB, +/-, %, CUR, SQ-RT, GT, MODE, SEND, Fn
•  ResultSync(TM) Technology - transfer the calculation result right into PC
•  Manual Power ON/OFF feature - Simply press CE/AC (Num Lock) key for 2~3 seconds to switch into Power-off mode to save battery
•  Auto Power Off feature - Turning power off automatically when idle for approx. 4 minutes
•  Power saving management with Auto Power-off
•  Non-synchronized function included
•  Fully plug-and-play USB keypad with support of hot swapping
•  Special 'CUR' calculation memory key to store your favourite currency rate, getting currency exchange result immediately

•  Key Layout: 19 keys and 12 calculator hot keys
•  Power Consumption: W/Plug into PC: DC 5V +/-10%, 6mA max; W/O Plug into PC: DC 1.5V 40mA max
•  Battery: AG13 battery (LR44)
•  Operating Force: 55 +/-20gm
•  Total Travel: 2.2 +/-0.5mm
•  Weight: 100g
•  Retractable cable length: 700 +/- 20 mm
•  Port: USB
•  Dimensions: 13.5 L X 1.96 H X 7.4 W (cm)
System Requirements

•  USB port
•  PC-Windows® 95, 98, Me, 2000, or XP with USB port


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