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PDA Travel Kit for HP iPAQ H31/ 36/ 37xx series
Recharge in Automobile/Boat • Cigarette adapter • Recharge by USB • USB HotSync ready • Portable
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Maximize your handheld with this USB Power/Sync cable and car adapter from OKION. Designed for use with specific PDA, this cable allows you to synchronize and recharge your handheld using a USB-equipped computer. The perfect solution for traveller to carry it around for both personal and business. No more hessle to store the heavy cradle in the suitcase. The PDA sync/charging cable comes with automobile cigarette adapter for in-car recharging.

Features & Advantages

• Automobile cigarette adapter ready for in-car recharging
• Synchronize the data between your laptop or PC and your PDA on demand
• Light weight for easy storage
• Plug-and-play and recharge your PDA immediately
• Long cable length for desktop PC user

• Specific for PDA for HP iPAQ H31/36/37xx seriesseries
• functional automobile cigarette power inlet for recharging
• USB compatiable laptop or PC


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