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LinkMe™ USB2.0 Fast Direct Link Cable PLUS USB LAN function
USB2.0 Direct Linking PCs • Support USB Networking • Sharing printer, scanner
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Perfect instant solution for linking two PCs and share network resources via network function!!!!

Transmit your data between computers and any USB port built-in device FAST with USB2.0 Direct Link Cable. Transmits data at up to 480Mbps with error-free, linking your notebook, printer, scanner, harddisk, OR any device that provides USB port.

Linking two PCs and let you transferring large size files between a couple of computers fast and easy at USB2.0 ulimate speed without the need of setting up network.

USB LAN function supported and let you - all network resources operating in hosted PC can be instantly shared and used by the connected client PC via TCP/IP protocal support. Few example includes internet connection sharing, printer, scanner sharing and much more....

Features & Advantages

•  Support both USB 2.0 direct-link data transfer mode, and USB network mode
•  Full-speed USB 1.1 & 2.0 compliant
•  Transmission rate: up to 480Mbps
•  Bi-directional data transfer
•  Plug-N-Play and Hot-swapping supported
•  Supports USB Full/High speed control/Interrupt/Bulk Endpoints Transfer
•  Supports Suspend, resume, and Remote wake-up power management
•  Powered by Bus power, no external power source required

•  Compatible with MS Windows 98SE/ 2000/ ME/ XP
•  Connector (USB): Type A
•  Remote wake-up: Supported
•  Power Management: Supported
•  Transfer Rate: up to 480Mbps
•  Cable length: 180 (cm)


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