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Your laptop needs power, so for your other portable devices such as mp3 player, PDA etc. OKION knows how important the power accessories can be while you are on the road and has released wide range of products including multi-nation power plug adapter, notebook power adapter, in car power invertor, etc. Come browse around and there must be something fits your need.
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CrossCountry™ II Mobile Universal Power Plug Adapter (with pouch)
Support over 98 countries • Carrying pocket included
Universal Travelling Plug Adapter
Support over 150 countries • with multi-nation safety shutters • 110/220V Power indicator included
Cross country Mobile Multi-nation Power Adapter
Support over 150 countries • 110V-275W/220V/550W
TravelPower™ Lite Mobile Universal Power Adapter w/carrying bag
Support over 90 countries • One adapter with Five sockets • Carrying bag included
USB Batteries Recharger for AA/AAA rechargeable batteries
Recharge batteries by USB prot • Supports AA/AAA NiCd/NiMH batteries
75W DC-to-AC Vehicle Power Inverter
power inverter for vehicle use • fit cigarette lighter adapter • Single AC outlet connects to any portable AC appliance
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