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Specially design for your comfort, OKION keyboards features increditable tactile feedback and ergonomic design. Let's get the typing comfort you should deserve and the great quality you can expect from OKION keyboard line.
OfficeStyle™ Office Cordless Desktop Set

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SimpleStyle™ Multimedia Internet Keyboard
Slim • Multiemdia • Internet • PS/2
SmartOffice™ Multimedia Internet Keyboard
Multiemdia • Internet • PS/2
Classic Keyboard
Slim • PS/2 • USB
Standard 107 keyboard
PS/2 • USB
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Enhancer™ Multimedia Internet Desktop Set
Model No. WRD4
Search no more for an all-in-one input combo, Enhancer™ is the perfect choice for your keyboard + mouse combo combining style, profession and comfort. Enhancer™ deluxe desktop set includes a multimedia internet keyboard plus an optical mouse together to enhance your daily computing tasks productivity. With special design for full supporting on the multimedia and internet applications, it immediately turns your PC into a multimedia and internet ready entertainment system. To access multimedia applications, Enhancer™ allows you to access the following functions with one single press of buttons including - Media launcher, Muting music, Increasing volume, Descreasing volume, Next track, Previous Track, Playback and Stop. When you are browsing websites, Enhancer™'s special hot keys will be handy enough for you to have full control on the web browser nice and easy. No matter you wish to Back to last webpage, Reloading page, Going back Home site, Accessing Search engine, etc; all can be done anytime with a button as you need. Finally an accurate mouse with OKION unqiue optical sensor engine offering 400dpi is always standing by for your mouse controlling commend. There's absolutely no more needs for you to worry about cleaning the mouse ball and mechanical faulty. It scans on more surface to make your mouseing experience a smooth one.