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Specially design for your comfort, OKION keyboards features increditable tactile feedback and ergonomic design. Let's get the typing comfort you should deserve and the great quality you can expect from OKION keyboard line.
OfficeStyle™ Office Cordless Desktop Set

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PortPad™ USB Keypad + 2 USB ports hubs
USB portable keypad • USB 2 ports hubs • Compact/Light weight

OwlEye™ Illumination Internet/Multimedia Keyboard
Illuminated • Multiemdia • Internet • PS/2
Illumination Mini Keyboard
Illuminated • Mini-size • Multiemdia • Internet • PS/2
NightOwl™ Illumination Internet/Multimedia Keyboard
Illuminated • Multiemdia • Internet • PS/2
Handio™ Internet/Multimedia Compact Keyboard USB+PS/2
USB Keyboard • Slim & Compact • Internet/Multimedia one-touch keys • PS/2
Scrollers™ Multimedia Internet Keyboard
O-turnable Scroller • Multiemdia • Internet • PS/2
R-Type™ Multimedia Internet Keyboard
Multiemdia • Internet • PS/2
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Zonics™ Illumination Internet/Multimedia Keyboard
Model No. KM154U
Enjoy a keyboard that actually lights up in the dark! Take action and get yourself even more excitment to your gaming experience with Zonics™ Illumination Internet/Multimedia USB Keyboard. This keyboard is a full-size keyboard (with standard 105-107 keys), defintely enough and perfect for your daily computing tasks for your home/office. With one press of button the keyboard immediately turns itself into an illuminated (backlit) keyboard, a wonderful play-mate for your computing games. Keyboarding in the dark environment is just too fun and excited. As for the connecting interface it is built with USB to enhance its compatibility with most systems and plug-and-play ease of use.