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Take your laptop, business gears with OKION's wide range of professionally designed and manufactured notebook carrying cases, and enjoy the maximum comfort and style all at once as you travel.

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Roadman™ 12-15.4" Notebook Backpack
Support 12-15.4" notebook • Light weight nylon material used • Padded surrounder system protection • Main compartments for laptop with documents pocket inside • Quick access pockets at front • Bottom laptop power adapter pocket
Gateway™ 12-15.4" notebook case for Ladies
Notebook case with lady trendy fashion • Support 12"-15.4" laptop • Inner accessories pockets available
Mapo™ 12-15.4" Notebook Hand-carry Backpack 2-in-1
Support upto 15.4" notebook • Backpack, hand-carry two in one design • Outdoor sporty look
Tollman™ 12-15.4" Notebook Backpack
Support upto 15.4" notebook • Light weight ballistic nylon material used • ImpactSaverô air cushion system protection • Main compartments with smaller accessories pockets inside • Padded back support
Delon™ 12-17" Notebook Rolling Case
Rolling case for comfort travelling • Shock protection • Large Compartment for large size notebook computer • 12"-19" notebook computer ready
Timon™ Notebook Backpack (BP4)
Support upto 15.4" notebook • stylish biker design • Multiple compartments • Padded back support
The Gina™ Bag - a 15.4" Notebook Backpack (BP14)
Light weight • Sporty design • Support upto 15.4" notebook
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Yogo™ Rolling Notebook Case/Backpack (BBP4R)
Model No. BBP4R
A revolution design starts here with Yogo™ 3-In-1 notebook rolling case/backpack - a case that actually has three functions: Roller, Backpack, and Notebook case!!!! Yogo™ is a combination of two parts - a standalone rolling case, and a notebook backpack. The zipper is located at the middle of the case so that you can either combaining or separating it according to your purpose of usage. The specially designed ImpacSAVER(TM) impact/shock protection system is built with it for highly secure of notebook computer storage. The rolling part comes with a two levels telecscoping locking handle for your maximum comfort while travel. There is just too much good things to mention and waiting for you to find out.