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Out of the box, OKION wireless enabled devices are all ready for you to create your personal cordless network. The result? It makes you the perfect solution to your smart phone, PDA, Tablet, Media Center PC or notebook almost any device that has wireless (Infrared, Bluetooth, etc.) Sharing information between these devices have never been any easier
Lanouto™ Wireless-G Network PC Card
Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Headset
OKION Networking
OKION Bluetooth

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IR Remote Control for Windows Media Center Edition (MCE)
Remote Control dedicated for MCE • IR wireless • Powerful control with upto 37 buttons with 8-ways movement cursor buttons
Music Broadcaster Universal FM Transmitter for mp3 players
Compatible with any mp3 players with standard 3.5mm headset jack • Listening your mp3 music with car stereo • No batteries required • Free auto charger
Music Broadcaster FM Transmitter for iPod
Compatible with iPod players EXCEPT iPod Shuffle • Listening your iPod music with car stereo • Auto charging iPod
Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Headset
Bluetooth Wireless • Class 2 • Compatible to mobile phone/PDA/laptops • Volume/Power Control • Lightweight
Ective™ Ultra-Mini USB Bluetooth Adapter/Dongle Class II
Bluetooth • Class II • 20-30(M) • Wireless communication • USB
Proective™ Bluetooth Dongle Class I
Bluetooth • Class I • 100M/33FT • Wireless communication • USB
Bluetooth Parallel Port Printer Adapter
Bluetooth • Fast Printing • Idea for PDA/Notebook/Desktop PC printing • Parallel Port
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