Executive™ Optical Mouse USB+PS/2 Combo (Model No.MO251UP)

Stylish Professional Design; USB/PS/2 ready; 800DPI High Optical Resolution Sensor.. Executive is ideal for you to enjoy the plug-and-play convenience of mouse pointing control over your computer system. It comes with both USB and PS/2 connection interfac so that you can worry-free about system compatibility. Programmable middle scrolling wheel button is designed to enhance your one-touch applications' control

Still connecting your keyboard/mosue, printer, PDA with cables? With Bluetooth technology, let's fix this with wireless and enjoy this new 'cable-replacement' technology. Bluetooth Technology is designed to replace cables by taking the information normally carried by the cable, and transmitting it at a special frequency to a receiver Bluetooth chip, which will then give the information received to the computer, phone whatever. Let's browse around and there must be some Bluetooth related devices from OKION just right for you.

The trade-off between functionality and portability is all too common for laptop users. USB helps alleviate this problem, but most laptops only have one built-in USB port. Browse OKION solution for all your cables and hubs needs. OKION 4-port Laptop USB hub expands your USB configuration and provides an extra port for connecting peripherals. Small, lightweight and portable, the Laptop Hub can be readily used almost anywhere.

Network(N) - A group of two or more computer systems linked together. At OKION, we offer networking products especially designed for mobile computing users connecting all types of different network, No matter wire-ly or wirelessly!!!! Think about travelling to somewhere that offers only wired RJ45 cable for the internet access but all you have on hand is a wireless equiped pocket PC, so what do you do? No problem, simply plug-in your OKION CF 10/100MBs card for your handheld so that you can get hooked-up instantly. For instant, hotel room is one example. What if you have an older PC that have no networking support at all but a PC card slot? Consider OKION Lanouto or Indoro series of mobile networking products and you are all set!!!!

Out of the box, OKION wireless enabled devices are all ready for you to create your personal cordless network. The result? It makes you the perfect solution to your smart phone, PDA, Tablet, Media Center PC or notebook almost any device that has wireless (Infrared, Bluetooth, etc.) Sharing information between these devices have never been any easier