ICZ™ Foldable Notebook Cooling Pad (Model No.NO109)

Cool it down!!!! And don't let your expensive notebook PCs getting too hot again with these OKION ICZ foldable notebook cooling pad. It's slim, it's foldable, it's light-weight, and more importantly, it's cool - it effectively cools down your notebook computer by adding two ultra-silent cooling fans underneath and supplying endless stream of cool flowing air. As notebook computers are all getting more compact and sophisticated for easy mobility and travelling, their internal cooling functionality are simply not enough. An additional cooling solution is defintely a must in order for it to reach its highest performance and stable operation. ICZ foldable notebook cooling pad is the perfect accessory for which its major mission is to protect your notebook by supplying cool air to reduce the heat generated by the notebook during the normal operation. Rubber pads are built with it to hold the notebook securely and bottom supporting legs are there ready for providing you the best angle for the notebook usage.

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